To work in an environment where I am consistently challenged to be better; where my skills and abilities can grow. And through my work, to be able to bring enjoyment and happiness to others.

Skills & Abilities:

Proficient in communicating and collaborating with others in a team, or independently to accomplish goals.

Demonstrated the ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment with my work at ArenaNet.

Demonstrated experience in maintaining and moderating BBS forums through running a World of Warcraft guild website forum for two years.

Proficient with Word and experienced with Excel due to both on the job training and personal research for my employment with an accounting firm.

Experienced in speaking to groups of people through my time as a guild leader and a hostess for Disney.

Excellent common sense, judgment, and decision-making abilities developed through time as a guild leader and in fulfilling group projects during my education.

Intermediate level knowledge and experience with compositing and graphic design from time studying at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School.



Quality Assurance Tester -- ArenaNet, LLC
Sept 2013 -- Current

  • Executed test cases during a fast-paced, two week release schedule.
  • Developed experienced in testing art, game balance, rewards and gameplay.
  • Delivered thoughtful and organized feedback for content in development.
  • Identified and reported bugs and/or potential issues with content.

Clerk -- NLP, CPAs, PC
Jan 1995 - Aug 2013

  • Processed client information with Word and Excel, including creating custom tracking labels for archiving.
  • Used personal research to create maps in Excel for off-site storage units of paper files.
  • Managed and oversaw electronic and paper filing systems; assisted in the development of naming protocols for office paper filing systems.

Turnstile Attendant -- Universal Studios, Co.
Sept 2005 – Dec 2005

  • Provided information, assistance and directions for guests as they entered the park.
  • Developed the ability to communicate clearly, quickly and pleasantly with multicultural park guests.

Walt Disney World Hostess -- Walt Disney World, Co.
Sept 2005 – Dec 2005

  • Instructed & supervised new employees in using food preparation equipment and cash handling.
  • Participated with guests at food kiosk. Initiated conversation, was pleasant in the face of adversity, and responsible for enhancing the enjoyment of park guests through all weather and situations.



Tidewater Community College – Virginia Beach, VA
Currently studying for an A.S. in Early Childhood Development
Spring 2013 - On Hold     (President’s Honor Roll for the 2013 Spring semester.)

  • Several group lesson plans required collaboration between 4-6 individuals. I often acted as the communication hub and scribe of the group; bringing together information and writing the papers to submit for grading.

Digital Animation and Visual Effects School – Orlando, Florida
Occupational Associates Degree in Digital Animation and Visual Effects
2005 - 2006

  • Worked on the award winning animated short: “Creepers.” This was a contracted project that had to be completed in three months in order to graduate.
  • Learned and worked with LightWave 3D, After Effects, Boujou, Adobe Premiere

Tidewater Community College – Virginia Beach, Va
A.A.S. Graphic Design for Computer Art
2001-2005 (On the President's Honor Roll in 2005)

Game Leadership:

Feb 2008 to Oct 2010

  • Believed in altruistic leadership; putting the guild needs before my personal desires.
  • Mediated disagreements and discussions among members.
  • Created and maintained the guild website and BBS forums.
  • Made decisions, resolved problems with staffing, and planned special events.
  • Researched and developed strategies for scheduling, managing and leading large and small group encounters.
  • Recruited or delegated recruiting of new members.
  • Trained and motivated new players and guild members.

Additional Experience:

Media Consultant -- TalkTyria.net
Mar 2011 - Present

  • Assisted in creating media for site content.

Video Game Broadcaster -- GuildWars2Live.com
Mar 2011 - Feb 16, 2012

  • Responsible for publicly streaming video game plays      online.
  • Recording convention footage from gaming      conventions. 

3D Generalist -- Pink Five &   T.D. Co
Jan 2007 – May 2007
Did work on the fanfilm Return of Pink Five

  • Modeled Ewok structures.
  • Compositted images for Ewok celebration scene.
  • Rotoscoped lightsabers.