Prior to being hired by ArenaNet to work as a Quality Assurance Tester for Guild Wars 2, I was (and still am) a fan of the game! One of my hobbies involved creating parody songs inspired by Guild Wars 2. I don't have the best of voices, but I still had a lot of fun creating them. All the songs were created with Audacity; a free audio recording software you can find online. And I generally recorded the songs by singing the song multiple times and harmonizing with myself. 

Until such a time as I am not employed by ArenaNet (if it should happen), I will not be making further public parody songs.

This first song, Bye Bye Guild Wars 1 was requested by friends who work over at for their "End of an Era" party. Much of the inspiration for the song was drawn from two weeks of slow data gathering from Guild Wars fans about what they remember most and best from the game. They requested I use "Don McLean's "American Pie" as inspiration.

Songs done in the style of the Lennon Sisters.

"Ruins of Orr" is in the style of the Lennon Sister's Scarborough Fair.
"Sylvari Dreams" was something I did for a friend on twitter who asked me to try a parody song to Greensleeves. I selected the Lennon Sister's version to style my parody after.

Songs done in the style of the Beach Boys.

"Pink Day in LA" was done in the style of the Beach Boys' Surfin' USA. I wrote it for GamersGivingBack, a charity organization I've supported for the last couple of years.

"Lord Faren" was done in the style of the Beach Boys' Barbara Ann.

Holiday Parody Music

"Sharnanick the Ascalonian Centaur" was written for and dedicated to Sharn Vendeta who gave me the suggestion for the song. The song itself was created for the Wintersday song contest held by and was the first parody song I ever recorded. It is styled after the holiday song Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey Song.

"Fear Not this Night" [In the Style of Silent Night] - I wanted to bring together an actual Guild Wars 2 song and a holiday song for a Wintersday song and came up with mixing together "Fear Not This Night" and "Silent Night" together. I didn't get to use all the lovely lyrics, but I think I captured much of the original message in putting this together. It is the only song to date that I've put together that I've not created my own lyrics for.

"The Gods All Got Run Over by an Airship" was done in the style of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer from Elmo & Patsy. There are two versions of this song. The one here is fairly straight forward. However, my original version had me using a very horrid hick accent and it not for the faint of heart. You can listen to it here:


"Guild Wars 2 - Folger's Style" is as the name suggests, a song done in the style of the Folger's Coffee jingle.