In December, 2006 my class at the DAVE School in Orlando, Florida released an animated short we'd been working on. Much of my work on the short included creating models and textures for the environment, as well as creating lighting for many of the shots and compositting the renders together for the short.

Down below is the completed short and some images to highlight what I specifically worked on.

Taken from shot 5, I did the lighting within the tree environment, created the texture used on the ground and tree, and created the mushroom models scattered about.

Taken from shot 7. I did the lighting and created the textures for the tree.

Taken from shot 9. I did all the lighting in this shot. I also created the models of the blue and white mushrooms, textured them and the tree, and did the environment lighting.

Taken from shot 11. I did the environmental lighting, modeled the mushrooms, and textured the tree. I also compositted this shot.

Taken from shot 49. I modeled and textured many of the trees, leaves, and flowers seen within most of the forest shots.